Sharon Erde

Director of Marketing Communications

Sharon Erde joined Pitango in early 2007 as a Director of Marketing Communications. Sharon is responsible for Pitango's public relations and marketing activities.

In her position, Sharon is responsible for defining and executing the Fund’s media strategy and communicating its corporate identity, as well as managing relationships with the media and guiding the Fund’s mission through press releases, interviews, and other media exposure. 

In addition, Sharon organizes and produces Pitagno's annual LP meetings as well as events and meetings of the Fund in Israel and abroad, while maintaining close relationships and cooperation with representatives of multinational companies operating in Israel. 

Prior to her work at Pitango, Sharon worked as a media and strategic consultant for leading Israeli companies and as a Senior Account Executive and public relations manager at a campaigning firm. Prior to these positions, she served for 3 years as a consultant in the Israeli Government.

Sharon holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications and an M.A in Political Communications, both from Tel Aviv University.