Aaron Mankovski

Managing General Partner

Aaron Mankovski is a Managing General Partner at Pitango Venture Capital. Previously he founded, and was a Managing General Partner, of Eucalyptus Ventures. Prior to founding Eucalyptus, he served as Corporate Vice President of Orbotech Ltd.(NASDAQ: ORBK). In addition, Aaron served as President and CEO of Orbotech Inc, HQ in Boston USA. 


Aaron currently serves on the boards of: OptimalPlus, Kaminario, Jethro Data, Sckipio, Riskified, Tailor Brands and is an observer at Formlabs. Previously he served on the Board of Directors of Chromatis Networks (acquired by Lucent for $4.5 Billion). 

Aaron is also the founder and former Chairmain ot HTIA, now IATI -  Israel Advanced Technology Industries (formerly: IVA/HTIA)
Aaron holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistics from Tel Aviv University and has also served as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force.  


  • DriveNetsDriveNets
  • FormlabsFormlabs
  • KaminarioKaminario
  • Optimal+Optimal+
  • RiskifiedRiskified
  • SckipioSckipio
  • Tailor BrandsTailor Brands
Aaron Golfing


  • Golf
  • A love of mine for 15 years. Most special links so far were at Wind Valley, Shenzen, China.
  • Cooking
  • Combining art and the love of doing good for people.
  • Traveling
  • Recent favorite trek: 11 days at Annapurna in Nepal, as close as I got to the top of the world, to date.
  • Cycling
  • Ideal mix between a workout and the outdoors.
  • Skiing