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Nechemia (Chemi) J. Peres

Venn is an Israeli start-up reinventing the way young professionals are living in urban environments. We infuse developing neighborhoods with homes, local services, shared spaces & community life; all managed on a neighborhood level. We seek to positively impact both our members as well as the neighborhoods in which we operate in, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of measurable social performance.

Venn operates as an innovative management company for neighborhoods. We harness the power of technology for operational excellence, scalability & enhanced user experience. Our offering is connected by venn’s neighborhood app & our digital neighborhood personal assistant, ‘Vini’.

Our 5 year plan is to launch our operations in 50 neighborhoods in major cities around the world. We aim to reach millions of members by 2028, whilst creating impressive financial & social returns. We are well-funded and backed by leading VCs, social impact funds and angel investors.