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Pitango Completes $270 Million Fundraising for Pitango Fund VI

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Pitango Invests $2 Million In Ubimo to Help Advertisers Reach Tailored Mobile Audience at Scale

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At ubimo, we enable advertisers to leverage location based data together with the latest programmatic buying technologies, to efficiently reach their exact audience.

 Mobile is changing the paradigm. Traditional advertising methods fail to keep up because mobile context is different. Location matters.

Introducing ubimo's TRANSLOCAL™ - Our unique and patent pending targeting technology that creates real added value for both users and advertisers. Matching relevant dynamic ads that are tailored to current user context, while improving campaign engagement and performance.

Privacy friendly - by analyzing publicly available location data signals, ubimo’s platform is always respecting your privacy and upholds strict industry leading standards

Read more about our solution and products to learn how ubimo provides real value and actionable insights for our customers.