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Yaniv Ben Saadon


Yaniv Ben Saadon


Kindle Fire Vs. iPad 2: Top Tablet Troubles

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Safari tops mobile browser usability study, followed by stock Android, Opera, Chrome, and then IE

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FixYa was founded by an entrepreneur who decided to take advantage of the fact that consumer products manufacturers are not providing adequate support through their web sites. Although these products become more and more technologically advanced, their manufacturers are not allocating the necessary resources that are required in order to provide good technical support. Like any other consumer out there, FixYa's founder had a hard time finding relevant and updated support information for his printer or digital camera, and therefore decided to create this site.

The idea behind FixYa is to aggregate all support information that is scattered throughout the internet in a single user friendly location. In addition, FixYa is a huge knowledgebase that is constantly updated by a live community of users who share their experiences of technical problems and solutions. Through the site's unique rating system, FixYa is allowing its users to find the best solution for every problem and even solve new problems. Over time, FixYa will offer the best solutions for the most common problems of each and every product that exist. The best thing about FixYa's knowledgebase is that it's based on real users' experience rather than on projected FAQs by the manufacturer.