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Eran Baniel


Eran Baniel ● Prof. Avraham Baniel


DouxMatok was awarded the 2018 Prime Minister Israel Innovation Prize for its ground-breaking technology

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DouxMatok and Südzucker Announce Partnership to Manufacture and Commercialize Breakthrough Sugar Reduction Technology Across Europe

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Ittai Harel


DouxMatok is a leader in Targeted Delivery of Flavor Ingredients, such as sugar and salt, enabling healthier consumption of foods without compromising taste

DouxMatok is a food-tech company, a pioneer in the development of Targeted Flavor Delivery, enabling improved nutritional profile of foods while retaining the same taste . Our patented technology maximizes the efficiency of sugar or salt delivery to the taste buds and enhances the perception of sweetness or saltiness allowing substantial reductions of these ingredients.

Our first product is a Sugar Reduction Solution that is proved to reduce sugar by over 30% in  a variety of  food applications, without compromising on taste. We are working closely with leading Food & Beverage multinationals to integrate our solution in their key products. Commercialization is expected end of 2018.