Sapir Ben-Harosh

Sapir joined Pitango in 2018 as an associate in the early stage fund.

Sapir began her professional career as part of her service in 8200 unit, when in her most recent classified position she received the unit commander’s medal of excellence for her personal work. Upon completion of the service, Sapir moved to New York and for about two years served as a Procurement Manager at the Ministry of Defense – taking part in sensitive procurement processes worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sapir has 5 years of experience in software engineering with specialization in the worlds of Cloud and DevOps. Prior to joining the venture capital world, she worked as a Software Engineer at Rafael (Israel Weapons Development Authority) and Cloudshare.

Sapir is the youngest member of the board of directors of the 8200 Alumni Association, in which she founded the Young Alumni Community. Since its founding in 2015, Sapir has been at the forefront of activities that include providing opportunities, employment, networking and events to approximately 3,000 members of the community.