Ori Barzilay

Ori joined Pitango as a Senior Associate on the Pitango First investment team in March 2022.

Before joining Pitango, Ori worked as a Product Manager at Adaptive Shield- a market leader in the SaaS Cyber Security market, under the SSPM product category. At Adaptive Shield, he led both the inbound product development and strategy, together with the outbound activities of managing strategic partnerships, market positioning, and sales engineering. Prior to Adaptive Shield, Ori led PDP-Tech’s product as the principal Product Manager, where he specialized in the Energy Tech, IoT, and Industry 4.0 verticals. Ori led PDP through the Product-Market-Fit stage, finding the right business opportunity for a unique patented technology while forming the GTM strategy and acquiring global customers.

Ori began his professional career as part of his service in the Israeli Intelligence Service and its Special Forces Elite Unit. He served as a team leader, became a Product Manager while leading classified product developments, and received the “IDF Intelligence Directorate Award”.

In recent years, Ori has founded an urban community where he lives as the neighbor of 20 friends, with the goal of creating community life and values along with day-to-day life, family, and career.