Jonathan Glazer

Dr. Jonathan Glazer, MD. joined as a Venture Partner to the HealthTech fund during Q1 2022.

Jonathan is an Emergency Physician and the former Head of the Ambulatory Care Service in Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s Emergency Department; As a Healthcare Executive in one of the largest ERs in Israel, Jonathan brings important hands-on clinical, operational and managerial experience to the Healthtech team.

He also held advisory and leadership positions in various startups and companies across the industry; As Chief Medical Officer & Head of Business Development at Nanose Medical he was responsible for clinical trial design and execution, in Israel, the US and UAE, and he led the establishment of reimbursement pathways and market penetration strategies.

Jonathan has significant experience with guiding design, implementation and adoption of AI technologies within the healthcare system. As a Healthtech Business Advisor he worked with Founders and CEOs, from ideation to product testing and product-market-fit based on scientific research, customer input, and competitive landscape analysis.

He Earned his Medical Degree at Tel Aviv university and an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies.