6 Jan 2015

Ylang 23 Expands Globally via Borderfree’s New MarketLive Connector

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Borderfree, a market leader in international cross-border ecommerce solutions, today announced that high-end jewelry retailer Ylang 23 is the first of its retail partners to expand its global ecommerce capabilities through Borderfree’s new connector on the MarketLive ecommerce platform.

The Borderfree connector for MarketLive brings Borderfree’s international ecommerce services to all MarketLive merchants who opt to upgrade to the latest version of the platform and integrate the plugin.

Founded in Dallas in 1985, Ylang 23 opened its online store in 2001 and has become a go-to destination for domestic and international consumers seeking exclusive designer jewelry. Originally launching on the Borderfree ecommerce platform in December 2011, Ylang 23 generates more than 40 percent of its revenues from ecommerce sales and ships to more than 90 countries with free shipping on all international orders over $100 USD.

In March 2014, Ylang 23 announced the relaunch of its online retail commerce website on MarketLive’s SaaS platform. Taking advantage of MarketLive’s partnership with Borderfree, Ylang 23 was able to transition onto the MarketLive platform and continue selling internationally via the Borderfree plugin. In August 2014, Ylang 23 was named by the Wall Street Journal one of the best ecommerce sites to buy fine jewelry.

“Ylang 23’s original jewelry collections have a devoted international following who want access to our top American designers,” said Ylang 23 Director of Ecommerce Chelsea Mueller. “Borderfree has been a great partner in our efforts to sell internationally for the past three years. We are delighted that as we have upgraded our commerce website to the MarketLive platform, we can continue to rely on Borderfree to help Ylang 23 connect with our growing overseas customer base.”

With access to Borderfree’s technology and services platform, MarketLive merchants who integrate the Borderfree plugin can more easily overcome the barriers to transacting with consumers across the globe as the website displays in local currency and calculates duties. Because of this deep integration, implementation costs for joint customers are dramatically reduced, making it easy for merchants to start selling internationally. In addition, Borderfree and MarketLive have eliminated maintenance costs for the merchants.

“We are thrilled that our new plugin with MarketLive can bring Borderfree’s international ecommerce services to Ylang 23 at lower cost and with faster implementation,” said Kris Green, Chief Strategy Officer, Borderfree. “We are always looking for new ways to enable our retail partners to go live on the Borderfree platform as quickly and easily as possible. We look forward to helping other Borderfree clients that also work with MarketLive to grow their global ecommerce sales via this valuable connector.”