4 Sep 2014

wefi Executives to Speak at CTIA Super Mobility Week on Network Transparency and Analytics Strategies for Network Operators

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wefi, the market leader in delivering actionable mobile intelligence and network analytics, announced that wefi executives will be presenting at various events during CTIA Super Mobility Week to discuss how network operators can address challenges in network transparency, identifying network capacity needs and understanding customer behavior. wefi will be participating in ShowStoppersCTIA Mobile Talks and CTIA Startup Labs in Las Vegas from September 8-11, 2014.

"The challenge many major service providers face today may not be the lack of infrastructure, but rather the lack of network transparency and the ability to see where and when additional capacity is essential. Many also are challenged with understanding how users are consuming data and what it is they are downloading," said Zur Feldman, wefi CEO. "At CTIA Super Mobility Week, we hope to engage the industry in a discussion about the benefits of being able to see what's happening in real-time, and over time, in a network and the requirements for maintaining optimal upload and download speeds, where and when to increase capacity, and how to best invest in new infrastructure."

At CTIA Super Mobility Week wefi executives will share insights on changes in network user consumption patterns, the shift by network operators to a Wi-Fi centric platform and detail how network analytics can help extend investments in network infrastructure at the following events:

  • Showstoppers: On September 8 from 6 - 9pm at the Venetian Hotel, wefi will demonstrate how its technology can provide operators with unparalleled visibility into cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, both on and off their own networks, enabling to build better networks, predict usage and deliver the best network connection possible.
  • CTIA Startup Labs Showcase: On September 9 from 5:30 - 7:30pm in #2503-2504 Veronese at the Venetian Hotel, wefi will also demonstrate how the company extends investment in infrastructure Wi-Fi networks and assures that wireless carriers, cable operators and streaming media content producers can deliver subscribers the best mobility experience in a data dependent world.
  • CTIA Mobile Talks: On September 10 at 1:30pm in #2505-2506 Veronese at the Venetian Hotel, Eran Naveh, wefi Chief Product Strategy Officer, will discuss, "Offloading and HetNets: Increasing Capacity and Efficiency Now." Naveh, a mobile telecommunications specialist with over 25 years of experience, will lead the discussion on how operators can increase capacity and efficiency in today's global mobile communities.

At CTIA, wefi executives will also share insights from its Quarterly Wi-Fi Analytics Report that includes statistics related to the wireless Internet including cellular data offloading onto Wi-Fi networks, amount of data being uploaded and downloaded, average Wi-Fi and cellular data speeds and mobile application usage. The company has found a massive trend toward increased consumer use of Wi-Fi across the country, nearing 100 percent. These insights were gathered from more than 45 million hotspots across the country from mobile users with wefi software on their mobile device.

The combination of wefi's UXT and WeANDSF technologies help MNOs and MSOs ensure their subscribers are always connected to the best base station or access point, and that additional infrastructure is only deployed precisely where needed to cover gaps in a coverage area or to enhance available capacity. This helps contain capital and operational costs in addition to providing the best end user experience possible. Major MNOs and MSOs such as Time Warner Cable rely on wefi technology as a key component of their Wi-Fi efforts.

To schedule a press briefing with wefi during CTIA Super Mobility Week, please contact:wefi@bhavacom.com