7 Jan 2015

Varonis Keeps Client and Company Data Protected and Private at Campbell Global, Timber Management and Investment Leader

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NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Campbell Global, a leader in sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management, is so serious about protecting the security and privacy of its data that Chief Technology Officer Ian Aguilar scoured the technology landscape to find the best ways to ensure that he could provide that protection with confidence.

The process led to Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows and Varonis IDU Classification Framework, which are now vital solutions for Campbell Global - not only in securing corporate and client data, but in improving overall transparency and employee productivity. Varonis Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:VRNS) is the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data.

Reinforcing One of Campbell Global's Key Tenets: Client Confidentiality

Campbell Global manages approximately 3.1 million acres of land globally and about $6.1 billion in assets. Based in Portland, Oregon, its 300 employees are spread throughout 25 offices. The company critically needed a reliable way to closely document, track and manage activity associated with corporate file data in order to be confident that information assets are secure and that the possibility of an internal or external data leak is extremely remote. Campbell Global identified Varonis solutions as uniquely able to provide this high-level data intelligence and file management control that is important to both the company and its clients.

Ian Aguilar, CTO of Campbell Global, explained "Client confidentiality is always top of mind for us. When you're dealing with a few billion dollars of your clients' money, you must be absolutely sure about who has access to what data and when. Varonis DatAdvantage ensures that the confidentiality of our client data is what it needs to be. Varonis software puts our minds at ease, creating a window for us into who has access to every file, who has viewed it, and which files are sensitive and exposed to risk. Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows and the Varonis IDU Classification Framework have helped us put our information where it should be so that we can put our hand on our hearts and know at any point in time what is happening with that information."

In addition to providing a high level of transparency and confidence in data security, Campbell Global has found that the Varonis solutions improve overall workplace productivity. With DatAdvantage, Campbell Global is able to quickly map all file share groups and users to the data only they should be able to access − giving them the ability to visualize and manage permissions from a single interface. Without DatAdvantage, each folder's permissions would have to be examined individually which is a time-consuming process. Additionally, the insight provided by the software allows IT to locate any lost files in a matter of minutes.

Aguilar continued, "As Campbell Global's CTO, it's my responsibility to make sure what is possible becomes improbable when it comes to data, and Varonis is what allows for it to be improbable. Thanks to Varonis, the probability of Campbell Global not knowing something or being caught off guard is now very, very small. The automated and reliable nature ofVaronis software is also a huge productivity boost for us. In fact, producing the same level of insights without Varonis would require precious staff resources and still be prone to human error."

"In many cases a company needs to hire internal specialists to manage a particular technology solution, which, of course, involves training and ensuring someone on staff could back them up if necessary, which results in higher costs. Varonis worked with us to create a model that's right for our size and our industry. In terms of cost, we pay for what we need, and nothing more. Varonis professional services folks ensured that the implementation process went smoothly and that we got exactly what we needed."

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