29 Jan 2015

Varonis Helps Hagadone Hospitality Meet New Compliance Requirements Quickly and Efficiently

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NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hagadone Corporation is a privately held, U.S.-based company that owns and manages more than 30 businesses spanning the communication and hospitality industries. Hagadone needed to find a software solution that could take control of its Active Directory and the data stored on its rapidly growing servers and at the same time help it tackle heightened security and PCI compliance requirements.

In January 2014, Hagadone identified Varonis DatAdvantage for WindowsIDU Classification Framework and DatAlert as the right solutions to address these obstacles. In less than a year, the Varonis platform has become invaluable for Hagadone - not only in securing corporate and client data to help achieve compliance, but also in improving the security of its data and employee education.

Providing Unexpected Insights and Value

Hagadone's nearly 1,200 employees span service-oriented industries such as communications, hospitality, golf, restaurants, real estate, publishing, advertising, photography, marine, and aviation. Based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the company's businesses are spread across remote cities and towns throughout the United States, and all IT operations are centralized.Hagadone needed efficient ways to manage the transfer of company data to new file servers − while identifying any instances of sensitive data in order to meet stricter compliance requirements.

In the process of implementing Varonis software, Hagadone's IT staff was able to get a clear idea of file share structures. Varonis enabled them to analyze user access behavior and history, and a number of risk areas that were not clear prior to deploying Varonis became strikingly apparent. Accessing and consolidating this information manually, without an automated solution like Varonis, would be an incredible overhaul. The Varonis platform offered a far more productive and efficient solution.

Kayla DesJarlais, Hagadone Systems Administrator, explained, "Having something that continuously monitors the access of our shared data is so invaluable. Varonis has brought to light areas needing permissions reviewed. Being able to say to an executive definitively, for example, 'this data has been accessed by these people on these dates' is very, very helpful. Considering all of the internal data breaches lately, having this level of security gives us the peace of mind we've been looking for."

A Long-Term Investment

While the initial implementation of Varonis DatAdvantage and Varonis IDU Classification Framework provided valuable and timely insights for Hagadone, the real value lies in the solutions' automated and long-lasting benefits. The insight that IT has been given into where sensitive data may be exposed has been a great learning opportunity for company employees who are now involved in discussions of file management best practices. Real-time automated insight into the activity around this sensitive data will only grow more important in the coming years.

Judd Jones, The Hagadone Corporation Director of Technology, explained, "Varonis has been a huge help in making sure that we can achieve 100% P.C.I. compliance. P.C.I. is an ongoing effort that will never, ever stop. As long as the bad guys get smarter and the technology changes, we're always going to be chasing compliance. We're happy to have Varoniswith us on this journey."

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