23 Sep 2019

Tulip Raises $39.5M Series B and Announces Strategic Partnership With DMG Mori

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Somerville, MA – Tulip, the developer of the Manufacturing Industry’s only no code manufacturing app platform, announced today the completion of $39.5 million in Series B financing. Tulip customer DMG MORI, the world’s leading manufacturer of machine tools, is joining Vertex Ventures, NEA, and Pitango, to help fuel Tulip’s growth in the SME market segment in EMEA and Japan.

The partnership leverages DMG MORI’s market leading machine tools and software products andTulip’s No-Code Manufacturing App Platform. With Tulip, DMG MORI customers will be able to customize Tulip apps to orchestrate the entire production process on their DMG MORI machine tools, to monitor and increase the productivity of their legacy machine tools, and to optimize production outside the machining area with Tulip apps for assembly, quality, and training.

“We are proud of our new alliance. After all, digitization is human-centered. With the no-code platform employees can autonomously create manufacturing apps. TULIP is the ideal entry into digitization mainly for our medium-sized customers,” says Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG MORI digitization for AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT.

“We could not have asked for a better partner,” says Tulip CEO Natan Linder. “While Tulip is already working with many of the largest global manufacturers, the machining SME market has always been core for us. DMG MORI and TULIP will be able to together offer software that has never before been available for SMEs. With the Manufacturing App Platform and our new no code machine monitoring capabilities machining customers will be able to significantly improve productivity.”

TULIP will be opening an office in Munich, Germany to support its strategic alliance with DMG MORI and support planned expansion in Europe. TULIP completes the last mile of shop floor automation by giving manufacturing engineers self-service tools to turn every station into an instrumented, data collecting, guided environments.

TULIP will complement DMG MORI’s offerings, extending the value from intuitive digitization, interactivity, and connectivity from on-machine to off machine processes on the shop floor.