7 Jan 2013

Soglowek Selects SURF’s Orion Video Conferencing System

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Yokneam, Israel – January 7th, 2013 - Surf Communications Solutions (SURF), a global leader in multimedia processing and applications, announced today that Soglowek, Israel’s leading producer of food products, has selected SURF’s Orion enterprise video conferencing solution for company-wide use.


Orion will connect employees in Soglowek’s seven remote branches, enabling easy interaction between conference rooms and employee remote desktops and devices.  Orion-MCU guarantees a high quality-of-experience for all video conferencing participants in the company.


Orion’s video conferencing system provides both High Definition (HD) voice and video in a single platform, increasing productivity for any organization by reducing communications and travel costs. The solution is quickly deployed, and is easily used and maintained.


Mr. Rotem Ravé, SURF’s VP of Sales & Business Development, explained: “We are happy to have the opportunity to work together with Soglowek and MessageNet (a distributor Orion), to bring our proven expertise in multimedia processing and conferencing services to this project.”


 “Our customers find great value in Orion-MCU’s support for HD (High Definition) voice and video, as well as its content sharing capabilities.  It improves connectivity between remote offices & travelling employees – who can join meetings and training sessions from any location, using any device.”


“Orion Video Conferencing provides a headache-free, plug-and-play product, requiring no need for additional infrastructure or expenses – promising an almost immediate ROI.” 


SURF will be hosting the Webinar: "Bringing habits to work: The road to successful business video communication”, on Wednesday January 9, 2013 - 2:00 PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT.