15 Nov 2016

Snapchat’s geofilters are about to get way smarter, thanks to Foursquare

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The next time you Snapchat from a new location, don't be surprised if the app's geofilters seem a bit more… specific. That's because Snap, Inc. just signed a deal with Foursquare that lets Snapchat tap into the social/geolocation data company's massive database of 87 million places. That means Snapchat will have a clearer map of the world and can more accurately tie filters to specific locations, be it a coffee shop, store, public park, or anywhere else. 

The deal better positions Snapchat to sell location-based advertisements and lets Foursquare continue to flex its muscle as a powerhouse for location intelligence, which is already used by Apple, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and a long list of third-party developers. 

Read More: https://news.fastcompany.com/snapchats-geofilters-are-about-to-get-way-smarter-thanks-to-foursquare-4025129