5 Jan 2015

SalesPredict CTO Kira Radinsky Named in Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Tech 2015

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By Bruce Upbin, Forbes Staff

It’s a wonderful time for under-30 somethings to jump into enterprise technology. The market for software, hardware, security and services that helps businesses and government run better, faster and more cheaply is undergoing a massive shift as technology moves to the cloud and delivers automation and productivity to mobile devices at one’s fingertips. The legacy players such as HP, IBM and EMC are struggling to grow amid a siege by startups run by people barely ten years out of college.

Even though one tends to find more grey-haired people in enterprise tech, we found enough young leaders to field a separate Enterprise 30 Under 30 for the first time this year...Enterprise may not produce cultural headliners such as a Twitter, Facebook or Uber, but the mass impact of the dizzying array of B2B firms from Appirio, Aperian, Apptio to Zenpayroll, Zendesk and Zenefits is likely much greater. It’s God’s work selling the tools that help businesses run faster and more intelligently at lower costs.

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