29 Jul 2014

SalesPredict & Marketo Partner to Help Customers Target more Effectively, Increase Conversion Rates using Predictive Analytics

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 SalesPredict, a SaaS technology 
provider that helps B2B companies increase revenues using predictive analytics, today 
announced it has released an integration into Marketo on the Marketo LaunchPoint™ 
Ecosystem. SalesPredict for Marketo integrates data from Marketo into SalesPredict’s 
sophisticated predictive lead scoring algorithm so marketers can improve segmentation and 
target those prospects most likely to convert to sales, or churn.
SalesPredict helps marketing and sales professionals quickly see who is most likely to buy, who 
is likely to buy more, and who will churn. SalesPredict for Marketo is built on the full 
SalesPredict offering, which delivers predictive leads scores and buying signal insights based 
on behavioral, demographic, firmographic and sales data from a company’s CRM and outside 
data sources. The algorithm behind SalesPredict for Marketo also brings in key Marketo data,
such as a lead’s exact source, their most recent activity and social media interactions, the
number of and frequency of their website visits, and more, to deliver highly-refined predictive 
lead scores and insights that will help marketers target effectively and improve conversion rates 
throughout the customer lifecycle.
“B2B marketers turn to Marketo to help them engage with their prospects and customers more 
effectively. SalesPredict is excited to bring our predictive lead scoring and purchase signal 
insights to Marketo’s customers to help them target those engagements and increase their 
conversion rates so they can efficiently acquire and retain more customers,” said SalesPredict 
Co-founder and CEO Yaron Zakai-Or. 
Marketo LaunchPoint™ is the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions. It’s not just a 
place for technology integration; it is a system of resources that brings the best technology, 
expertise and customer experience together, so marketers can drive better results in less time. 
LaunchPoint™ includes some of the world’s most innovative, best-of-breed marketing solutions, 
spanning all areas of marketing including: analytics and big data, content marketing, events and 
webinars, lead data, lifecycle marketing, online ads & campaigns, sales tools and social media. "Marketo is committed to an open platform so that our customers have the ability to choose the 
best marketing technology solutions for their business,” said Robin Bordoli, general manager of 
new markets and vice president of partner ecosystems at Marketo. "We’re excited to have 
SalesPredict join LaunchPoint™ so our customers can choose this innovative solution to work 
alongside Marketo's customer engagement platform and help them build long term relationships 
with their customers."
To learn more and get started, visit http://launchpoint.marketo.com/salespredict/1270-