15 Aug 2013

Port of Richmond Establishes Video Surveillance Network

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RADWIN’s wireless systems empower Port of Richmond to safeguard personnel & critical assets

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 15, 2013 - RADWIN (www.radwin.com), the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, today announced that the Port of Richmond in Virginia deployed its wireless surveillance network to enhance security throughout its 121-acre port facility. RADWIN partnered with system integration firm CelPlan to design and implement the wireless surveillance network.

Jasper Bruinzeel, Vice President, CelPlan: “Securing the port of Richmond required the most advanced wireless technology in the market. Having experience with RADWIN’s systems we knew that they were the best fit to address the port’s requirements. Today RADWIN’s systems transmit high quality video 24/7 from cameras installed throughout the port facility and waterfront back to the control center, utilizing a fully redundant, fault-tolerant wireless design architecture. Thanks to RADWIN’s surveillance network, security personnel can monitor activity in the port, detect security violations and keep track of personnel and vehicle activity.”

James Bailey, Terminal Manager, Port of Richmond: “We are delighted that we’ve been able to upgrade the security of our port facilities. We now have port-wide surveillance coverage to support operational applications and secure wireless access via handheld devices to our security system.”

RADWIN 5000 and RADWIN 2000 wireless systems deliver the highest capacity for long ranges. Providing the service level required for high definition video transmission, the systems support the connectivity needs of this extensive port facility. The radios incorporate advanced technologies that enable superior performance in harsh waterfront conditions and non-line-of-sight.

Mike Cook, General Manager, RADWIN North America: “When real-time, high-quality video transmission is a must, facilities such as ports, oil and gas companies and transit authorities turn to RADWIN. We offer comprehensive solutions that fulfill these companies’ needs - from wireless links for video transmission and backhaul, and through to mobility solutions that enable video surveillance and perimeter security on-the-move. This latest win attests to the value that our solutions provide to organizations seeking to safeguard their critical assets and infrastructure.”


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