9 Dec 2015

RADWIN powers city-wide video surveillance in the Chiapas‚ Mexico

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Tel Aviv, Israel, December 9, 2015 – RADWIN today announced that the Tonala Municipality in the State of Chiapas, Mexico has deployed its wireless broadband portfolio for a city-wide video surveillance project. The Tonala Municipality deployed dozens of high resolution PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras in strategic locations throughout the city including schools, major intersections and shopping areas. Operating in the 3.3 GHz and 4.9 - 5.8 GHz bands, the RADWIN 5000 point-to-multipoint and RADWIN 2000 point-to-point systems transmit live video from the cameras to the control center, enabling security personnel to respond to criminal activity 24x7, thus drastically reducing crime rates and enhancing citizens’ safety. Maya Quetzal Comunicaciones S.A., a leading IT infrastructure based in Mexico, was in charge of project implementation.
German Alvarez Gonzalez, Engineering Department, Maya Quetzal Comunicaciones S.A: “The Tonala Municipality evaluated multiple systems for high-quality video transmission. After testing parameters such as availability, stability, ease-of-use, embedded technologies and price - Chiapas chose RADWIN because it offered the best solution. RADWIN’s systems deliver video with highest image quality, enabling complete facial and vehicle license plate recognition.”

Uri Ofri, RADWIN’s GM CALA: “This latest win is testament to the value that our solutions provide; our systems deliver highest base station capacity and video quality is guaranteed via dedicated bandwidth per camera site. Our systems are deployed in hundreds of Safe City projects globally and operate in the most challenging conditions including nLOS/NLOS and high interference. Our portfolio fulfills the fixed and mobile connectivity needs of customers across all verticals.”