16 Feb 2016

Optimal+ Big Data Highway Analyzed 35 Billion Chips in 2015

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HOLON, Israel -- February 16, 2016 -- The semiconductor industry celebrated a milestone today, as Optimal+, a global big data analytics provider, announced that it analyzed more than 35 billion semiconductor devices on behalf of its customers in 2015, a 50 percent increase from 2014. These 35 billion units represent the largest centralized repository of manufacturing data ever collected and analyzed in the semiconductor industry. Optimal+ brings unprecedented visibility into the global manufacturing operations of its customers, enabling actionable insights that drive timely business decisions on quality management, and increase yield and productivity. For the past decade, Optimal+ has been aggregating and analyzing data on semiconductor devices used in tens of thousands of products from cell phones to automotive ECUs. This has resulted in the accumulation of unmatched operational knowledge and has led to the development of scores of automated rules used within semiconductor manufacturing operations that contribute to significant quality improvements and fewer defective chips shipped for use in next-generation devices. “As chips become ever more embedded in our daily lives and the number of mobile and IoT devices continues to skyrocket, Optimal+ is performing a critical function to help its clients attain ever higher quality standards,” said Lucian Schönefelder, Director of the European Technology and Digital Media Investment team at KKR. “We are seeing very strong demand for the actionable intelligence that the Optimal+ solutions provide.” The company’s big data solutions provide a historical record or “manufacturing DNA” for every chip that is analyzed, providing valuable insights that can be used to determine the root cause of problems in field failures and for preventing future RMAs – a growing concern for semiconductor companies that are tasked by their customers to significantly reduce their DPPM (defective parts per million) rate. “We are committed to providing our customers with manufacturing intelligence that is derived from sourcing and analyzing real-time manufacturing data, enabling them to make actionable business decisions across their global supply chains,” said Dan Glotter, founder and CEO of Optimal+. “By deploying our production-proven solutions, customers are able to rapidly pinpoint and resolve manufacturing problems, create higher quality products and consistently realize significant ROI.