8 Jun 2012

Olive Mobile Archive (OMA) Viewer Brings Newspaper Archives to Tablets

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Denver, Colorado – June 8, 2012 – Olive Software today announced the release of Olive Mobile Archive viewer, the HTML5 cross platform version of its widely implemented ActivePaper Archive application. Supporting both historical and “go forward” archives, OMA facilitates newspaper archive access on all HTML5 compliant devices, including: iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Kindle Fire.

Early to support the evolving HTML5 standard with the Olive Mobile Viewer, Olive understood the value that HTML5 could bring to its customers’ newspaper archives. With compatibility across platforms, ease of deployment, and converged media support, OMA enables publishers to distribute and control their archived content without an app store revenue-sharing burden.

eCommerce integration with publisher’s authentication systems results in higher margins flowing to the publisher, interfaces with ad servers (which can be embedded in the article viewer) means more revenue to the publisher, and interfaces to Google Analytics and Omniture give direct access to important analytics.

The fully customizable home screen enables the publisher, library, or university to tell their archive project story to visitors in an exciting, robust interactive format. OMA’s use of HTML5 has enabled Olive to create its proprietary Historical Time Gallery, a feature that allows 3D, dynamic views of selected historical issues.

Researchers will be pleasantly surprised with the OMA app’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art search engine that permits speedy Boolean, wildcard, phonetic, and contextual searches of articles, pictures, and ads contained in million-page archives—all presented to the user with advanced relevance ranking.

From casual information surfers to educators, all users will enjoy the heightened learning experience and fun of watching and listening to the supplementary video and audio that can be added to historic newspaper archives. Olive’s “go forward” archiving of current editions into an historic archive provides a great new resource to educators, sports enthusiasts, business people, and the general public. New visitors to the online archive can easily skim the different publication titles in the archives, select a title, and then drill down to interesting articles for reading.

Selected content is displayed as 1 or 2 pages, side-by-side, in portrait or landscape format in page view. A simple tap of the screen over any included rich media will activate the player. Double tapping an article in page view will fill the screen in either the original print layout format or an optimized, reflowed format.