7 Apr 2014

NNT Communications installs Compass-Eos router equipment in Japan

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TOKYO and MILPITAS, Calif., April 7, 2014 — Compass-EOS, the icPhotonics™ networking pioneer, today announced , together with Net One Systems, a leading systems integrator in Japan, that Compass-EOS’ r10004  equipment is  installed at NTT Communications in Japan. This comes at a time when Internet traffic in Japan is expected to continue to dramatically grow, requiring Telecommunication Service Providers to scale the capacity of their network infrastructure.  NTT Communications , part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, the NTT Group, is interested in the photonics-interconnect powered routers since they result in a radically smaller router footprint, a result of the innovation inherent in photonics interconnect and the resulting radical change of router architecture.

“NTT Communications recognizes that high router power consumption and the resulting cooling requirements, along with the large physical equipment footprint, is turning into  a serious problem as data requirements grow due to the popularity of smart devices and the use of video applications.  The innovation brought by Compass-EOS`s icPhotonicsTM disrupts the routing industry and frees it from the power-hungry and large footprint routers that have dominated it.  NTT Communications will start a practical test of the innovative technology with the help of Net One Systems and tackle the increase of network capacity while reducing power consumption and equipment footprint,” said Taku Morinobu, Director Technology Network Service at NTT Communications Corporation.

 “NTT Communications understands the value of next generation routing architectures and the technologies that drive them,” said Matt Bross, Chairman and CEO of Compass-EOS. “We look forward to proving that the benefits our next-generation routers provide are tangible and meaningful as measured by real operational performance indicators. Our icPhotonicsTM innovation is set to transform routing.”