29 Apr 2013

Neebula Demonstrates Integration with IBM Tivoli Service Management Software

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IBM IMPACT – LAS VEGAS, April 29, 2013 – Neebula Systems will be among the partners exhibiting at the IBM Impact event here where 9,500 attendees are expected.

The company will demonstrate how its ServiceWatch software augments IBM’s service management products by providing greater visibility into the business impacts of common IT alert and incident reporting.

Neebula ServiceWatch takes a top-down approach to discover business services and their associated resources – such as applications, servers, network equipment, and storage. It then automates the process of creating and maintaining maps of business services showing the composition of relationships and dependencies among those IT resources, from the infrastructure tier to the application tier and up to the business service tier.

“With our automated business service discovery and mapping technology, we do in hours and days what typically takes other semi-automated or manual approaches weeks and months,” said Ilan Shmargad, vice president of business development, Neebula. “Our integration makes existing investments in IT service management software more service-aware and cost-effective by providing a clear view of how business can be impacted by specific IT components and their related events, changes and problems.”

During the event in the Cloud Zone, Neebula will show how ServiceWatch helps make IBM software even more “service aware.” Please visit Booth CZ7 to experience the benefits firsthand or go to www.neebula.com/make-IBM-tivoli-service-aware for more information.

About Neebula: “It all Starts with the Map”
Neebula provides Service-Centric Availability Management software that improves IT performance and availability through an automated and unified approach to mapping business services which is 20 times faster and 80 percent less expensive compared to other solutions. Optimized for software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery, Neebula encourages IT organizations to shift from monitoring data center silos (servers, network, storage, applications) to managing end-user business services (examples: CRM, billing, tax payment, fund transfer services). Believing that effective IT “Starts with the Map,” Neebula’s unique technology automatically creates and maintains a run-time map of business services including underlying physical, virtual, network, and storage infrastructure. Focused on business impact and realizing that IT should monitor only what matters, Neebula’s run-time service map enriches event management and monitored information by presentation in the context of the business service, resulting in improved IT change control, rapid problem isolation, and meaningful service health monitoring. While no CMDB is required, Neebula service maps can be imported into software from BMC Software, CA Technologies, HP, IBM, and ServiceNow, making existing CMDBs “service-aware” with run-time accuracy. Headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv, Neebula has an installed base of global enterprises, Fortune 10,000 companies, and government/education customers in Europe and North America.