8 Sep 2014

Mobile Threat Detection and Protection Seamlessly Managed by Skycure and AirWatch Collaboration

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Skycure today announced the availability of software that will allow corporate customers to secure employee mobile devices, and the software will be unveiled at AirWatch ConnectTM Atlanta 2014, taking place Sept. 8-11. At that event, the new software will be discussed though a range of activities, including an executive speaking presentation outlining the significant threats posed to the enterprise by mobile devices and threats that can now be mitigated or eliminated by using the Skycure and AirWatch solutions.

For more information about the integration, and for a list of Skycure activities at AirWatch Connect Atlanta, visit:https://www.skycure.com/blog/meet-us-airwatch-connect-atlanta-2014/.

“Skycure has unveiled a series of vulnerabilities that place corporate data at risk, and we already see this as a major threat to networks and corporate data,” said Yair Amit, chief technology officer and co-founder, Skycure.“AirWatch is a leading choice among companies that are managing mobile devices for their employees. This release allows those same companies to enable the latest security protection for those devices.”

Skycure’s mobile solution protects iPhones, iPads and Android devices by analyzing the devices, along with the apps and networks they connect to, and correlating that information with the company’s crowdsource engine to identify and protect against a variety of mobile security threats. AirWatch customers can now deploy Skycure’s software and seamlessly receive protection as well as gain visibility to the threats they face.

“We recognize that a layered approach to security is best for mobile solutions, which is why AirWatch works with security vendors such as Skycure to broaden the ecosystem for our customers,” said John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, AirWatch by VMware. “Skycure can help customers identify advanced threats to phones and tablets, which are rapidly becoming a key part of corporate computing.”

At AirWatch Connect Atlanta, Amit will lead a session outlining the range of threats that companies face and how in some cases, mobile devices can be the weak link of enterprise computing. As a regular speaker at global RSA Conference events, Amit is a seasoned security researcher who is able to relate to the challenges faced by IT security and mobile IT managers.