31 Oct 2016

Medical Attention Beyond the Hospital: Innovative medical technology provides remote monitoring of patient vital signs

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Ensuring and monitoring safety for critical care patients in the hospital is an ongoing challenge. Hospital resources are limited. Physicians, nurses and clinical staff can’t be everywhere at once. But new innovative medical technology from EarlySense, is transforming the way we utilize medical services and receive ongoing care and attention. 

Today, we live in a world where, despite the growing number of individuals in need of chronic and critical medical attention, resources to provide quality ongoing care are extremely limited. Hospital budgets are tight and administrators are constantly challenged with having to prioritize access to and availability of scarce resources.
The creators of myEarlySense understood that for patients in need of constant medical support…being able to provide ongoing care beyond the hospital is one of the most important concerns of any caretaker. Several studies have shown that without reliable, consistent monitoring, patients with high risk medical conditions can find themselves in unplanned re-admission to hospitals.
Breakthrough medical technology introduced by EarlySense has allowed medical monitoring to expand beyond the walls of the hospital and into the home of the patient.
Using piezoelectric sensor technology, myEarlySense™ is able to monitor and record Heart and Respiratory rate and detect physical motion of the body while the patient is in bed. The sensors are placed under the mattress and can collect and transfer signals to smartphones and automated-home apps. Such “intelligent” sensor technology can alert medical staff to changes in vital signs or warn caregivers about physical movement that may lead to potential falls from the bed.

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