8 Oct 2014

LiveU and Accelerated Media Technologies to Offer Hybrid News Vehicles Containing Bonded Cellular and Ka Band Satellite

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LiveU (www.liveu.tv), the leader in portable live video 
acquisition, contribution and management solutions, has partnered with AMT (Accelerated 
Media Technologies) (www.acceleratedmt.com), the leading manufacturer of broadcast and 
specialty communications platforms, to produce a hybrid news vehicle offering a combination of 
bonded cellular, Ka band satellite transmission and IP-based microwave capabilities. 
The vehicles offer the advantages of cellular bonding such as transmission on the move and 
without line-of-sight restrictions, the ability to transmit in any kind of weather such as rain, snow 
and strong winds without fading and without any risk to open masts and satellite dishes, and the 
ability to start transmitting within one minute without having to tune dishes. The vehicle itself can 
be smaller and easier to access or park in more places compared to traditional SNG trucks. 
The bonded cellular connectivity will be the default mode of use in order to minimize costs and 
enable mobility and all weather functionality. The addition of Ka band satellite will supplement 
connectivity in areas with limited cellular coverage, yet at a fraction of the cost of traditional 
satellite. This creates a highly resilient and reliable transmission combination from the vehicle
while enabling full cost optimization. 
The vehicles include a Ka band dish and the LiveU Xtender external antenna array, which offers 
six cellular modems and enhanced RF signal, with only one cable required to set up. Inside the 
vehicle is either a LiveU LU700 rack-mount encoder, or the LU500 2.2Lbs (1 Kg) backpack, 
LiveU’s flagship field unit, which can roam around the vehicle while wirelessly utilizing 
bandwidth from the LU-Xtender or Ka band dish. For example, the vehicle can be parked in a 
spot with good cellular or Ka band coverage, while the LiveU field unit can be placed hundreds 
of yards away and leverage the same connectivity. 
The vehicle also supports the LiveU Data Bridge functionality, which turns any LiveU device into 
a bonded cellular hotspot for any type of Internet usage by the crew in the vehicle. 
In addition, the LiveU encoder in the vehicle can also support new IP-based point-to-point or 
mesh microwave networks.
LiveU and AMT have already delivered several vehicles to stations groups across the US, 
including Fox and CBS O&Os, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. “Through our partnership with AMT we are able to offer LiveU customers these next-generation 
vehicles that remove a lot of the limitations of traditional trucks, yet are very cost effective,” said 
Mike Savello, VP Sales, LiveU. “The combination of bonded cellular with the new Ka-band 
satellite produces a vehicle with extremely high quality of service where the cellular is the 
primary uplink and Ka band satellite is the backup in case of cellular congestion or low-coverage 
areas. Both uplink technologies are dramatically more cost effective than traditional base-band 
“We are excited to partner with LiveU to offer these cutting-edge vehicles,” said Tom Jennings, 
President of AMT. “This new configuration that we have developed with LiveU and our 
customer is proving to be a reliable, flexible news vehicle.”
LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding for remote newsgathering in the US and other 
countries. All LiveU products are based on this fourth-generation patented technology.