1 Apr 2014

Leading News Portal Selects Kaminario All-Flash Storage Solution for Real-Time Access to Database

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Kaminario, the leading scale-out all-flash array provider, today announced the successful installation of its K2 storage solution for the content management system of Keshet-owned website mako.co.il. mako is Israel’s third largest content website, owned and operated by Keshet, a leading television program provider. Its partnership with Kaminario gives its journalists and editors the storage performance and accessibility they need to accommodate the demands of a premier media outlet.

mako.co.il journalists and editors publish 24 hour-a-day news, articles, images and video content. Such extensive use of real-time data and media proved to be a hurdle as the publication team attempted to upload, publish and distribute content in a timely fashion.

mako chose Kaminario in order provide its reporters with a faster, more responsive system so they are able to update media in real time and also minimize the wait time for site visitors on the front end without compromising the quality of media. Shortly after integrating Kaminario’s K2, mako saw a 900-percent improvement in content management system performance with the database, as well as vast improvements in reporter access to the system database.

“With Kaminario’s all-flash solution, the system responds much more quickly and processes are performed faster. The system has nearly paid for itself already in time and money saved for our dozens of writers and editors,” said Zohar Alon, vice president of technologies at Keshet. “Thanks to K2, ongoing content management of mako will be faster and more intuitive. It will also demand far fewer resources from the technical staff.”

“Kaminario’s solution has significantly improved the content management system response time at mako, enabling reporters to access the database more quickly and distribute a higher volume of news content to its massive audience,” said Dani Golan, CEO, Kaminario. “Not only does Kaminario make employees at mako more efficient, but we’re empowering them to publish more stories and quickly update them as new things happen, and in doing so, grow their readership.”