25 Apr 2014

The largest coal mine in the Philippines deploys RADWIN 2000 high-capacity PtP solutions

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RADWIN, the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, today announced that the Semirara Mining Corporation - the largest coal mine in the Philippines - deployed RADWIN 2000 high-capacity point-to-point solutions. The Semirara coal mine is using RADWIN 2000 to create a private network to provide voice and data services to offices scattered across the mining site. EBDI, a leading system integrator based in the Philippines, was selected by Semirara Mining Corporation and managed the entire installation.

George San Pedro, Semirara Mining Corporation’s Resident Manager:

"This network is extremely important as it provides the basis of our communications in the mining site. Therefore we had to select a networking solution that would provide the utmost capacity, performance and robustness to withstand the harsh conditions in the coal mine and the volatile weather in the Philippines. RADWIN’s equipment was installed in record time, and we are very pleased with the equipment’s performance and durability. Even when typhoon Haiyan hit the area, RADWIN’s systems weathered the super force and continued to provide us with the high-capacity connectivity that we have come to rely on.”

RADWIN 2000 point-to-point solutions deliver 250 Mbps net throughput for long ranges and incorporate advanced technologies such as OFDM, MIMO, a unique air interface to mitigate interference and operate in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) scenarios. RADWIN’s offers an array of ruggedized fixed and mobile systems that address the unique requirements of mining operations by providing broadband connectivity for heavy machinery, trucks, offices and perimeter cameras. RADWIN FiberinMotion mobility solution is capable of connecting mining trucks and machinery including the open pit and access roads for dispatch, remote monitoring and control.
EBDI Philippines General Manager, Gilbert Paggabao: “When Semirara turned to us to connect dispersed mining offices we knew that only RADWIN’s radios were up to the challenge. RADWIN’s solutions perform exceptionally well, especially considering the harsh environment of the island and the humidity and coal particles that are abundant in the coal mines.”

Maurice Illouz, RADWIN’s General Manager APAC:

“Our equipment has been a trusted source of communications for mining and utility companies that require high-performing and rapidly deployable systems. We have an extensive track record in serving the mining sector with solutions for both fixed and mobile applications, and we are proud to count the Semirara coal mine amongst our rapidly expanding customer base.”