1 Oct 2014


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Compass-EOS, the icPhotonics™ networking pioneer, today announced that its r10004 next-generation routers were deployed by JT, which provides innovation in global telecom services to the world including the top financial services firms. Through its JT Lab concept, JT will deploy Compass-EOS routers at the termination points of its undersea cables, interconnecting its data centers.

Based on icPhotonics™, the world’s first commercial technology for inter-chip optical interconnect, Compass-EOS’ next-generation r10004 routers feature low power consumption, a small footprint and high port density. The routers are ideally suited for peering applications, undersea cable termination and inter-datacenter connectivity because of their high capacity, small footprint and high reliability. The r10004 router was designed for SDN, providing a scalable, open and secure platform to serve as a foundation for next generation service provider networks.

“Our objective is to deliver next-generation services to our customers, and to do that we need to use next-generation networking platforms,” said Mark Stuchfield, VP, for JT Group’s JT Lab. “Partnering with Compass-EOS icPhotonics provides JT access to the future of optical networking which is critical to delivering a ubiquitous FTTH solution to 100% of premises on Jersey.  In turn, JT Lab provides Compass-EOS with a platform to further enhance, test and develop its products to meet future operator requirements, particularly the need to support sophisticated business environments, explosive data demand and the need for lower power consumption.”

“JT Global is a true innovator in how it approaches the network of the future,” said Matt Bross, Chairman and CEO of Compass-EOS. “We look forward to working with JT while they deploy new services at rapid pace.”