2 Nov 2013

Big data, little companies: These six startups want to disrupt the data world

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VentureBeat covered Strata + Hadoop World in NY as well as JethroData’s participation in it:

“JethroData is an index-based SQL engine for Hadoop that promises faster queries than Impala, HAWQ, or HIVE.

“As data comes in, we index it on the fly and store it in [the Hadoop Distributed File System],” explained JethroData CEO Eli Singer. “And now we know the results when you need those records.”

So rather than scanning the entire database for a query, it’ll pull specific records related to that query — which it already knows, because they’ve been indexed in advance.

In other words, JethroData is really good at picking the needles out of digital haystacks. If you search for the whole haystack, it obviously won’t run as quickly.

“If you look at the history of databases, this is not a new concept, but it’s new to Hadoop,” said Singer. “The more you drill down in your query, the more effective Jethro becomes.”