9 Sep 2014

Evolven IT Operations Analytics Services Integration Certification from SERVICENOW

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Evolven Software today announced it has received certification of its integration with ServiceNow. Certification by ServiceNow signifies that the Evolven IT Operations Analytics solution has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on integration interoperability, security and performance. The certification also ensures best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of Evolven IT Operations Analytics integration with ServiceNow

Employing analytics capabilities based on a blend of IT data (configuration, log, APM, security etc.) and taken through a prism of change, Evolven IT Operations Analytics provides the intelligence required to investigate and prevent critical business system issues within a context understandable to IT staff. Rather than just slicing and dicing data, the Evolven IT Operations Analytics solution offers actionable insights that help IT teams identify harmful changes and inconsistencies that can potentially impact or already caused an issue in IT environments. This allows operators to successfully remediate problems and ensure performance, significantly cutting mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR), reducing the number of incidents and downtime, and allowing for smooth, error-free releases. 

"Our integration certification by ServiceNow allows our joint customers to get complete visibility and valuable operational insights into the state of their environment," said Sasha Gilenson, CEO, Evolven. "Bringing a unique change and configuration data perspective, Evolven's blended analytics will close the loop on key IT management processes helping IT teams to proactively avoid stability and performance issues, quickly resolve critical incidents and accelerate reliable implementation of releases and other changes in IT environments." 

Learn more about Evolven's integration with Service Now: http://www.servicenow.com/partners/certified-integration-partners/evolven.html