2 Apr 2014

Evolven Continues to expand with Reseller Agreement that brings IT operations analytics to Italy

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Evolven Software, innovator and leading supplier of IT Operations Analytics solutions, today announced that it has entered into a reseller agreement with NessPro Italy, a leading technology solutions and services provider based in Italy. With this agreement, NessPro Italy will resell Evolven's IT Operations Analytics solution to address growing demand for maximizing operational stability and efficiency in Italy. 

As complexity grows and environments become more dynamic, IT operations are struggling to keep complex operations stable, chasing issues that can lead to critical operational concerns and even outages. Furthermore, the search for root cause has become even more difficult, wrestling with too much and incomplete information, having to make sense of mountains of logs, event data, configuration parameters, APM systems, Security data, and IT defined KPI's.

With analytics based on a blend of IT data (log, APM, configuration, Security), IT Operations Analytics provides the intelligence to not just sift through terabytes of operations data but more importantly to spot and present issues to users in understandable context. Rather than just slicing and dicing data, Evolven's IT Operations Analytics uses mathematical algorithms and other innovations to offer real actionable insights that help users uncover why environments are not operating as intended, correlating various activities and changes in environment state (release, infrastructure update, user workload change etc.) to allow operators to successfully remediate problems. This significantly cuts mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR), reduces the number of incidents and downtime, and allows for smooth, error-free releases.

"This relationship enhances the suite of IT management solutions we offer, adding significant value to our customers," said Pasquale Favale, CEO for NessPro Italy. "Evolven makes a great addition to our offerings particularly around change and configuration."

"We are pleased to welcome NessPro Italy as a reseller and see how Evolven will nicely complement the collection of solutions that NessPro Italy provides," said Sasha Gilenson, Evolven's CEO. "Bringing a change and configuration data perspective, Evolven's blended analytics will accelerate the quick resolution of incidents and provide actionable operational insights for closing the gap in IT management processes."

About NessPro Italy
NessPRO Italy is a company controlled by IT solutions provider technologies with more than infrastructures field and an extensive portfolio of advanced software solutions for enterprise IT services. For more information please visit:http://www.nesspro.it/