28 May 2014

EarlySense Strengthens Footprint in Massachusetts

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EarlySense®, the market leader in contact free monitoring solutions, has previously reported that the company has established and expanded its US presence since opening US Headquarters in Massachusetts. The decision followed Governor Patrick’s 2011 Trade Mission to Israel. As the US-Israel connected summit begins with Governor Patrick’s delegation to Israel in Tel Aviv today, EarlySense presented how its economic footprint in Massachusetts has grown since the Governor’s previous mission in 2011.


Choosing Massachusetts allowed EarlySense access to world-leading researchers from institutions of higher learning, such as Harvard Medical School and the Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice. The partnership has led to published patient outcome studies in the American Journal of Medicine: http://www.amjmed.com/article/S0002-9343(13)01072-3/fulltext, and Critical Care Medicine: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24717454, which concluded that continuous monitoring with the EarlySense System on a medical-surgical unit is associated with significant clinical improvements for the patients and their caregivers as well as tremendous economic benefit to the Health System. The EarlySense Monitoring System helps facilitate timely interventions by adding a layer of care with continuous monitoring and drawing attention to those patients who may show early signs of a potential adverse event.


EarlySense has developed strong relationships with the Massachusetts medical community. The EarlySense System is currently installed in two hospitals in Massachusetts; Metro West Medical Center in Framingham and Newton-Wellesley Hospital, which is the first hospital in the United States to implement continuous and contact-free monitoring on all of their general care beds. Both facilities have reported numerous “patient saves”, where earlier intervention which was performed as a result of the EarlySense System notifying caregivers that a particular patient was showing signs of a potential adverse event: http://www.earlysense.com/clinical-evidence/selected-case-studies/.


With the intention to care for patients throughout the continuum of care, EarlySense is developing solutions for the home environment for the use of Home-Care Remote Patient Monitoring. The home product is intended to allow prediction of deterioration with no patient compliance or interaction required and is currently under beta evaluation with a home care agency in Massachusetts.


“We continue to be excited about our presence in the Massachusetts market, and the affiliations and partnerships that we have been able to form.” said Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense. “Since 2011 we hired a number of highly talented employees in Massachusetts and a few dozen employees throughout the US. We believe that Massachusetts was the optimal choice for us as our home in the USA and the connections we have made here have been a key part of our success to date. Based on our growth plans over the next several years, we are confident that we will continue to expand and recruit world leading talented individuals that reside in Massachusetts.