21 Jun 2012

EarlySense ‘Contact-Free’, Continuous Patient Monitoring Solution to be Demonstrated at coolTECH 2012 in Tampa Tomorrow, June 22, 2012

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Tampa, Florida, June 21, 2012 — EarlySense (www.earlysense.com), a market leader in proactive care solutions, will demonstrate its contact-free patient monitoring technology for coolTECH 2012 attendees TOMORROW, Friday, June 22 from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the CAMLS booth (#20) at the Tampa Convention Center (333 South Franklin Street).


See for yourself how the EarlySense System provides a tool for early detection of patient deterioration by continuously monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate, movement, bed exits and entries – using a sensor placed under the mattress and never touches the patient. The technology was designed to monitor non-ICU ‘lower risk’ patients on medical surgical floors who are usually monitored by on-duty nurses once every four to five hours.

In the event of a change in a patient’s status, the system immediately alerts on-duty nurses at the central nursing station, on large screens on the wall of the department and on their handheld devices. EarlySense’s real time delivery of actionable data, coupled with comprehensive unit management tools, empowers the medical staff to identify critical situations early on and proactively respond. The system is quickly becoming a standard of care.


Researchers from California and Massachusetts recently presented the following clinical results at ATS (SF, May 21, 2012):


  • 64% Reduction in the number of Pressure Ulcers
  • 43% Reduction in the number of Patient Falls
  • 77% Reduction in the number of Code Blue events
  • 47.2% Reduction in the rate of total ICU days for transfers from the medical surgical floor


* (E. Zimlichman et.al. “effect of contactless continuous patient monitoring in a Medical-Surgical uniton intensive care unit transfers: A controlled Clinical trial)