10 Jan 2014

EarlySense 2.0 Wireless Patient Monitor Now With Advanced Motion Detection, Reporting Capabilities

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EarlySense (Waltham, MA) won FDA approval for the new version of its bedside monitoring system that wirelessly detects patients’ heart rate, respiration rate, as well as motion. EarlySense 2.0 now features improved patient monitoring by giving more focus to fall prevention, essentially detecting patient motion and predicting that someone might be trying to get up and about. This is accomplished through the new “Rest Indicator” that can warn clinicians of signature movements before the patient is even able to sit upright.

Additionally, the system is able to keep track of response times by staff to the alarms that it issues, and provides reports based on those readings.

From the announcement:

EarlySense is also enhancing its focus on Quality Assurance Tools and Benchmark Analysis Reports to provide sophisticated management tools that will allow hospital leaders to set quality goals, measure their results, drive staff behavior towards improvement and achieve their objectives. For example, providing the capabilities to measure staff response times to bed exit alerts, and then reviewing reports with staff has allowed several institutions to improve their response times, and thus reduce fall rates.

Mr. Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense added, “EarlySense plans to present a new product line to the market in the first quarter of 2014 that will address hospitals’ needs for better patient supervision. The new product line will include safety focused product, addressing falls and pressure ulcers prevention, as well as EarlySense Respiratory and Heart Rate monitoring capability for early detection of patient deterioration.”