13 Aug 2013

DudaMobile's Hackathon Birthed DudaWhite, a White Label Platform

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From dudaMobile's Blog: http://blog.dudamobile.com/the-origin-of-our-new-white-label-platform-dudawhite-2/


It all started with an intense Hackathon. The entire Duda research family gathered together under one roof for a weekend without sleep or any contact with the outside world. Our mission was to conceive the next big step for our company. Stocked with enough food to feed a small country, we got comfortable and let our creativity flow…



The high intensity brought out the best in us. Every member of the team had ideas they were convinced would take Duda to the next level. Among the greatest ideas that came out of this two-day exercise was creating a new white label platform, DudaWhite. Which, of course, got first prize since we actually developed it!

We opened our Partner Program almost a year ago.  Since then, the mobile market has continued to advance and our partners’ businesses have continued to grow. We are full of admiration for all of these brilliant people who challenge us, and our platform, on a daily basis. All of them do an amazing job of taking DudaMobile’s tools and turning them into an incredibly profitable business.


We consider the Duda Partner Program (now known as DudaDesign) one of our great successes and are especially proud of it. Since the program was launched, we have received countless requests for new white label features, which we understand makes a lot of sense. You want to use Duda to provide your customers with the best service possible and want your name and brand on the products you sell. Now we’ve added new features to make it all possible.

What does DudaWhite include?

User Administration

From now on, you can grant your customers limited access to their site. They can manage, edit, redirect or transfer the site to their own domain. However, you’ll be happy to know that they cannot delete the site (not even by mistake) or create a new one by themselves. All this happens without anyone ever seeing Duda in the front end, even in the code. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your customer’s email address into the platform.
  2. DudaWhite will then create a ‘user’ for them under your name.
  3. The customer will now be able to access their site using a customized login page and mini dashboard.

Once this is done, your customers can edit their own site, thus saving you a lot of the time that is normally wasted performing minor amendments that they could rectify themselves.


Customer Dashboard

Customer access includes many cool features such as a private, “mini” dashboard for each customer, labeled with your brand. This allows them to manage their site, view their statistics, and even share the site with their friends and customers.


A Completely Branded Environment

Today you can brand your customers’ whole experience with your service including the editor, preview page, dashboard, and all the emails.

Customers will even see your branded domain when accessing all this wonderfulness.  Don’t have a branded domain?  Not to worry – we have a generic one that does not contain any reference to Duda, where all your assets can be located, and from which all of your emails can be sent.


We’re Here for You

While very simple to use, DudaWhite also includes priority support service, via email, telephone or online chat. We like to think that our support team, led by Russ and Kate, is the coolest team at Duda. Just let them help you – no one knows how the platform works better than they do, and they are just wonderful.

Better System Administration

New administration tools created for the dashboard allow you to take full control of your site management, such as filters and labels.  The brand new dashboard makes day-to-day site administration easier for you – after all, saving time is important.

Let Us Help You Sell

We know you already know how to build sites – but do you know how to sell them?  Need help with your sales pitch?  Pricing? Creating your customer message? Under the improved service package, Kemp and the Duda Partners team are here for you, with the improved training & webinar programs, always thinking one step ahead about how to help you do things better – let them show you how.

In fact, you can go ahead and register today for an exclusive DudaWhite webinar scheduled for this Wednesday, August 14th from 11:00AM PT to 12:00PM PT. Sign up here today and learn more about the Duda Partner Program: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/242219311

For more information regarding the Duda Partner Program and get DudaWhite today, head to http://dudamobile.com/partners.