18 Oct 2018

DouxMatok was awarded the 2018 Prime Minister Israel Innovation Prize for its ground-breaking technology

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DouxMatok won the 2018 Prime Minister Israel Innovation Prize for its ground-breaking technologies for targeted delivery of flavor ingredients and nutrition that allow for over 40% reduction of sugar or salt, without compromising taste. The prize will be awarded by Israel's Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, to Professor Avraham Baniel, Inventor and Co-Founder of DouxMatok, In a ceremony during the Innovation Israel Summit on October 24th, 2018.

 Douxmatok was selected for this prestigious prize by the National Authority for Technological Innovation based on the following criteria: its breakthrough innovation, global commercial potential, advanced product proof of concept and broad social impact of promoting healthier diets without changing existing habits.

DouxMatok's technologies maximize the efficiency of sugar or salt delivery to the taste buds and enhance the perception of sweetness or saltiness. This allows for substantial reductions of these ingredients in a variety of food applications, without any compromise in taste.  DouxMatok is expected to commercialize its branded sugars in the second half of 2019, jointly with Europe’s largest sugar & ingredients company, Südzucker. This partnership will help food companies cater to consumers’ growing desire for balanced nutrition, and keep up with the increasing regulatory pressure to reduce sugar content in food.

 The prize is a recognition for Professor Avraham Baniel, one of the founding fathers of the Israeli industrial chemical research, and his contribution to the development and implementation of numerous industrial Solvent Extraction based processes worldwide - many of them being in the food, beverage and agricultural spaces.