3 May 2020

Doing Business in Asia During COVID-19

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WATCH HERE: https://bit.ly/2KChhgD Our 1st session of our #NOFILTER series, with Aaron Mankovski in conversation with Daniel Tu about business opportunities in Asia during times of COVID-19.

With 43% of companies who are currently generating the largest revenue streams being headquartered in Asia, developing a keen understanding of Asia geography is critical when considering infiltrating the marketplace. Daniel shared practical insights regarding COVID’s impact on the Trade War, opportunities in agricultural technology, healthcare, and digital currency, as well as thoughts on rising possibilities in India. Tune in to learn what verticals are best for new businesses looking to break into the Asian market, what to be cautious of when preparing the business model. and about what operations in Asia looks like before the pandemic, right now and in the future. Daniel’s biggest tip to note is, “Impatience does not equal speed, and does not equal time to the market.” Companies need to be prepared as the explosion of online services has caused speed to become faster than ever before.

SEE HERE: https://bit.ly/2KChhgD