23 Mar 2015

Daphna Cohen-Gersht Appointed Legal Partner

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Daphna Cohen-Gersht has been appointed Legal Partner

Daphna joined Pitango in 2001 and has been responsible since then for the Fund's portfolio management, deal structuring and all legal aspects of the Fund and its investements.

With extensive experience of over 15 years in venture capital investments, Daphna works closely with Pitango’s portfolio companies from the early stages of initial investment through mergers, acquisitions and IPO’s.

Before joining Pitango, Daphna served as legal counsel to Poalim Capital Markets, a subsidiary and the investment arm of Bank HaPoalim, where she was involved in a wide range of investment activities and handled all legal issues relating to the formation of Venture Capital Funds as well as other Equity Funds, private and public offerings and international acquisitions.

Prior to that, Daphna practiced corporate finance and securities with Ne'eman, Ben Artzi & Co.