1 Oct 2014


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 Compass-EOS, the company that pioneered icPhotonics™, today  announced the SDN Forwarding Plane, a new networking element that is set to transform networking by offering a roadmap to replacing expensive and complex routers used in service provider networks. The announcement will be made at the TCTelecom Council Carrier Connections event. The company also announced that the next generation of icPhotonics™ technology which is the world’s densest chip I/O, powering its routers and SDN Forwarding Plane solution, will grow from its current total capacity of 1.34 Terabits/sec to higher than 10 Terabits/sec.

The SDN Forwarding Plane: The Future of Networking

Over the past two decades, networking vendors have evolved their products using essentially the same technical approach to building systems and networks that they’ve used since the Internet began. The industry found itself constrained by this approach and by the electrical chip interconnect bottleneck. The result was the creation of networking products that are physically large, power hungry and complex. As a consequence, when network operators added more services to their networks, it required more and more software features to be added to their complex and expensive routers, and as the software and its operation become more complex, these constrained routers cannot keep up with service provider expectations.

The Compass-EOS SDN Forwarding Plane allows network operators to adopt SDN and NFV in a gradual and practical fashion. The new networking element attributes include:

  • A scalable, high-capacity, low-latency, programmable secure packet forwarding platform
  • Support for SDN/NFV-based open-standard protocol
  • The Compass-EOS AnyFLOW™ Architecture, a unique, hybrid SDN architecture that combines network topology resolution and packet forwarding on multiple levels
  • Compass-EOS icPhotonics technology with industry leading scalability and low-latency


Compass-EOS has formed partnerships with a variety of companies developing products and solutions for SDN and NFV, including those developing SDN controllers and applications. The company also joined the Open Daylight open-source SDN community, and is planning to contribute code and expertise for WAN-centric SDN applications.


  • Compass-EOS SDN Forwarding Plane White Paper available at http://compass-eos.com/technology/
  • Compass-EOS SDN Videos featuring Mr. Bross available at http://compass-eos.com

In a separate announcement, Compass-EOS announced that JT Labs, which provides global telecom services to top financial firms, has deployed Compass-EOS r10004 next-generation routers.