5 Aug 2014

Company Gives Businesses inSite to Their Sites

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A personalized website could make all the difference for businesses and there’s now a new tool ensuring customers have the best experience possible when visiting a site.

dudaDuda, a leading DIY website builder for Web professionals and small businesses, has launched inSite, it’s an easy to use new tool on the DudaOne platform.

inSite makes dynamic Web content based on customer behavior. It’s a program geared toward all businesses, not just those with huge IT budgets and dedicated IT departments.

“Early users of inSite have seen customer engagements increase by as much as 65 percent,” the company stated in a press release.

As explained by the company, an example of inSite’s ability could include a customer visiting a restaurant’s site on his mobile phone during his lunch break when he’s only six blocks from the business. That customer would be looking for a different menu than someone checking it out from his desktop on a Friday night.

“With inSite, the website can instantly recognize these differences and show the mobile customer a menu of lunch specials, along with a 20 percent off coupon, while showing the evening customer a dinner and wine menu,” the company’s release explained.

By using inSite, the business can preset what content is shown to different visitors based on a handful of variables including time of day or week, device type and more.

“The bigger companies have always had the budgets and resources to create elaborate personalized user experiences, creating an unfair situation for smaller businesses and web professionals. Today, with inSite, we’re leveling the playing field by democratizing this technology and making it possible for anyone to easily build enterprise-grade websites without the need for massive budgets or a large development team,” said Itai Sadan, chief executive officer and co-founder of Duda. “Based on results from our early inSite users, we know businesses will be more successful by personalizing their websites.”