9 Mar 2018

CLEW is implementing its Platform at WakeMed hospital

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From Mobile Helath News:

Predictive analytics platform Clew Medical has recently announced its partnership with WakeMed for its clinical trials in the eICU to detect patient deterioration in realtime. Clew uses machine learning algorithms and customized physiological models to help clinicians make decisions with actionable clinical, operational and financial insights. The company’s AI system will give WakeMed access to predictive analysis of clinical indicators and will identify the potential for patient decline. 

“WakeMed was chosen to integrate CLEW’s predictive-analytics platform on top of the hospital’s existing electronic ICU (eICU) service,” Dr. David Kirk, medical director of WakeMed’s critical care units and eICU service, said in a statement. “CLEW’s platform will be able to analyze clues in vital signs and clinical care patterns to offer our providers a real-time report for the future condition of our patients. We are starting our clinical trial in the critical care units, because we believe that is where we can have the biggest positive benefit on mortality. The ultimate goal is to roll out this platform across our three inpatient hospitals to improve patient care system-wide.”