2 Apr 2014

City of Modesto partners with Check

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Until recently, Modesto's customers, nearly 210,000 people spread across greater Modesto and surrounding areas, were paying their water bills via the website, the phone, in-person and mail-in payments. "We were very interested in offering a new, ultra-convenient payment method for customers," began Leslie Curtin, Customer Services Manager, City of Modesto.

"Mobile made perfect sense, since so many people have smartphones and are using them for everyday tasks, such as banking," she continued. "We are always looking to innovate, and partnering with Check was a smart gateway to mobile. The app is fast, simple and very convenient."

With Check, Modesto residents can pay any bill (including their water bill) anytime, anywhere and using a wide variety of payment methods.

As an incentive, Check is offering $5 off the first payment a customer makes on his/her water bill using the app. To get started, customers can visit Google Play or the iTunes App Store to download the Check app for free.