14 Jan 2014

Newly updated Check mobile payments app comes to Android

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ALO ALTO, Calif. - January 14, 2014 - Check the top-rated mobile app that takes the work and worrying out of paying bills, is releasing a new version for Android today that puts payments front and center for customers.

"Keeping the high standards of the Android community in mind, we reinvented the app to be speedier, simpler and more interactive," said Guy Goldstein, CEO, Check. "In our minds, the new experience will help you get down to the business of paying bills much better."

New elements helping Check customers track and pay their bills:

  • Homescreen transformation: The new homescreen puts payments first. It zooms in on key factors for customers managing their bills - what you have, what you owe and when bills are due.
  • Easier navigation: New interactive design gives customers faster, easier access to adding/paying new bills, viewing reports, customizing settings, etc.
  • Modernized: Check's new app is clean and simple.

You can download the new version of Check on Google Play here.

Unlike bank bill payment services, Check's free mobile app can be used to pay any bill anytime, anywhere and with any payment method. Giving customers a complete view into their personal finances across multiple providers, the top-rated app makes it simple to see balances, view transactions, and make payments on the fly, including same-day payments, from a mobile device.