10 Sep 2014

Celeno Launches New Upload Manager to Optimize Wi-Fi Networks for Cloud-Based Storage

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Ra’anana, Israel, September 10th, 2014Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software for home networking applications, today announced the launch of their Upload Manager for OptimizAIR 2.0, which now allows for the management and coordination of uploading as well as downloading data streams. This new technology directly addresses the emerging  strain on Wi-Fi bandwidth caused by the increase in the use of cloud storage, and represents a major enhancement to home-router, access point and home-gateway capabilities.

The increasing consumer demand and growing use of cloud storage solutions means that home networks today have to deal with bandwidth-hungry upload applications as well as the substantial demands of HD video downloads and multiple connected devices. Mobile devices returning to a Wi-Fi network are often automatically programmed to immediately begin uploading data to the cloud, putting an unanticipated strain on the Wi-Fi network and disrupting the supply of Wi-Fi to other devices. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that mobile devices have lesser physical capabilities resulting in lower transmission rates so that uploading large video and photo files from a smartphone or tablet adversely affects home network performance for longer.

For example, after a long day or night out a teen returning home with a smartphone full of new photos and videos will start uploading those images to a cloud-based storage account, causing their parent’s business internet conference call to cut out or their sibling’s Netflix movie to start buffering. Celeno’s new upload management technology solves this issue, integrating into the home router or gateway to allow for enhanced management and smart organization of Wi-Fi airtime. Service providers or even end users can allocate a specific amount of the available Wi-Fi capacity to be used for uploading data, an amount that can’t be exceeded to negatively impact the rest of the network.

“Celeno has always provided solutions that enable the rapidly changing Wi-Fi reality, and our latest upload manager is a perfect example of that,” said Gilad Rozen, CEO.  “Being able to manage Wi-Fi air capacity for data flowing in both directions from devices is the logical next step in airtime management, and we’re excited to be pioneering that new evolution for a more satisfying home Wi-Fi experience.”

This new enhancement to OptimizAIR™ 2.0 is another example of how Celeno’s airtime management technology enables Service Providers and OEMs to improve their service offering and drive down the operating costs associated with service calls. With the proliferation of secondary internet devices like tablets, smartphones and connected home devices all competing for bandwidth, managing Wi-Fi airtime has become an increasingly important issue. Celeno’s latest technology guarantees that Service Providers have the necessary infrastructure to continue ensuring a disruption-free home Wi-Fi experience,  keeping the number of service calls low no matter how many devices or services per device are being used.


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Celeno provides high performance Wi-Fi chips and software for HD multimedia and entertainment home networking applications. Celeno’s extensive chip portfolio and OptimizAIR™ technology enable the wireless distribution of multiple and simultaneous HD video streams throughout the home with the highest levels of performance and reliability while ensuring a superlative quality of service and user experience. Celeno’s field-proven chips have been integrated into numerous OEM Wi-Fi devices and have been deployed with over 75 service providers worldwide. Founded in 2005, the company is backed by blue chip investors including Cisco Systems, Greylock IL, Liberty Global, Pitango Venture Capital and Vintage Investment Partners. www.celeno.com


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