21 Jan 2013

Celeno Debuts Its OptimizAIRâ„¢ 2.0 Wi-Fi Airtime Management Technology

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Ra’anana, Israel, January 21st, 2014 – Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software for home networking applications, today announced the availability of Celeno's advanced OptimizAIR™ 2.0 airtime management suite. The breakthrough technology, enables the provisioning, enforcement and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi air time capacity to different virtual networks and even different clients all served by the same Wi-Fi Access Point. The result is an improved user experience with a smarter distribution of Wi-Fi capacity between user devices.

Gateways powered by Celeno’s airtime management technology can intelligently allocate Wi-Fi capacity between multiple managed virtual networks for concurrent hot spot services, cellular offload, video on managed clients (STBs) and non-managed clients (tablets and smartphones), OTT video, best effort data, smart home apps and more. For the service provider, the technology enables new services, improves user experience, eliminates common causes of client interference and reduces service calls and operating expenses.

“Wi-Fi is an important service for Liberty Global and our customers have very high expectations of their Wi-Fi user experience,” said Doron Hacmon, Managing Director Products and Online Media Group at Liberty. “We are committed to ensuring the highest quality Wi-Fi while also seeking out new means of expanding and improving our service. That’s the reason we chose Celeno's solution for Horizon TV, our new media and entertainment platform, which seamlessly integrates cable, web-based and personal content and enables sharing and viewing content on multiple screens and devices wirelessly anywhere in the home. Celeno’s solution allows us to deliver a highly reliable and effective service.”

Celeno's OptimizAIR™ 2.0 presents a unique opportunity to maximize in-home Wi-Fi networks to ensure highest quality service while also building towards new product and service offerings. Airtime management has become an increasingly important issue with the proliferation of secondary internet devices including tablets, smartphones and connected home devices. By effectively managing Wi-Fi networks, service providers can account for the growing number of internet devices while still delivering highest quality service and even allowing for new potential use cases like cellular offloading.

“Celeno has been evolving its air time management infrastructure and algorithms for the last 6 years in an attempt to allow service providers to maximize in-home Wi-Fi networks,” said Gilad Rozen, CEO of Celeno. “Celeno is improving a collision-based, shared medium and enables the service providers to smartly manage the Wi-Fi air capacity to the benefit of their subscribers. Airtime management is the key to expanding Wi-Fi needs and presents a unique opportunity to optimize bandwidth and improve subscriber experience.”