16 Oct 2012

ARRIS Selects Celeno as the Wi-Fi Technology of Choice for Its New DOCSIS 3.0 Gateways

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SCTE Cable-Tech Expo 2012, Orlando, Florida, October 16, 2012 - Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software for HD multimedia and high-performance data home networking applications, today announced that ARRIS Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRS), a global communications technology company, has selected Celeno's video-grade Wi-Fi technology for its new Intel Puma 6 based DOCSIS 3.0 gateways.

Celeno's dual band CLR260 3x3 802.11n chip powered by its signature OptimizAIR™ and digital beam forming technology, maximizes range, throughput, and signal consistency. It delivers whole-home coverage, reliable throughput and high quality of service (QoS) required for exceptional WiFi user experience for Internet connectivity and HD video streaming throughout the home to multiple portable devices.

"Our intention is to bring to market a next-generation gateway product line with best-in-class Wi-Fi," says Derek Elder, General Manager CPE business unit at ARRIS. "Celeno's dual band video-grade Wi-Fi technology, combined with ARRIS’ superior RF design and leading routing firmware, delivers consistent throughput to every corner of the house while enabling top Quality of Experience for services such as multiple virtual WiFi networks, video streaming to tablets and other portable devices, hot spot applications, and more.”

Capable of bonding 16 and 24 downstream channels, ARRIS’ Touchstone® wireless voice and data gateway family consists of the DG1660, 1670 and DG2470 Data Gateways; and the TG1642, 1662, 1672 and TG2472 Telephony Gateways. All the gateways, with the exception of the TG1642, embed two CLR260 Wi-Fi chips to support simultaneous operation in the 2.4GHz radio band as well as in the wider and cleaner 5GHz radio band. The DG1642 offers operation only in the 2.4GHz radio band.

“In today's connected world, consumers expect to move seamlessly between screens and services," says Gilad Rozen, CEO of Celeno. "By integrating Celeno's Wi-Fi technology, ARRIS has designed the new gateways to enable advanced consumption habits of video over portable consumer electronics screens and devices, and bring wireless home automation and home hot spot services, all while maintaining excellent quality of experience and wireless security."

“Liberty Global is pleased that ARRIS has chosen Celeno’s Wi-Fi technology for its next generation of home gateways,” said Bill Warga, VP of Technology for Liberty Global. “Celeno is a key technology partner for our Horizon platform, and Liberty Global Ventures is an investor in Celeno and one of ARRIS’ global customers. Given this intersection of interests, Liberty Global is confident that these new products will meet important market needs and offer superior value to cable operators and their subscribers.”

OptimizAIR™ Technology
Celeno’s field-proven OptimizAIR™ technology, which builds on and optimizes standards-based 802.11n for best in class data and video home networking, enables the seamless and reliable distribution of up to eight 1080p HD resolution video streams. It includes channel-aware scheduling, rate selection, antenna selection and power adaptation for reliable throughput, extended range and low packet error rate.