27 May 2015

AppsFlyer Partners With Criteo to Provide Unbiased Attribution for Mobile Ad Retargeting Campaigns

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From Appsflyer's Blog:

Today Appsflyer is thrilled to announce we’ve been certified as one of the first participants in Criteo’sMobile Partner Program. AppsFlyer’s independent, unbiased analytics and attribution solution is now available to all of Criteo’s 7,000+ worldwide advertisers. Joining Criteo’s Mobile Partner Program makes it easy for any Criteo client to use AppsFlyer to collect and share the data required to maximize performance of the company’s app advertising and retargeting solutions.

“With its size, scale and commitment to innovation in digital advertising, Criteo is clearly one of the leaders of the industry, and we are honored to play such an important role within the Criteo ecosystem,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer. “Our goal has always been to empower app marketers with the tools necessary to conduct smarter, more effective ad campaigns, and we look forward to helping Criteo’s clients improve their advertising for maximum ROI and user lifetime value.”

The partnership provides a quick and seamless way for Criteo advertisers to integrate the AppsFlyer platform and gain immediate access to all of its in-app measurement and advertising tools, including campaign ROI, LTV, retention reports, attribution analytics, cohort analysis, retargeting attribution, TV ad measurement, OneLink smart deeplinking and more. No SDK update or API integration is required, and advertisers can get up and running in a matter of minutes.

In order to ease the transition, we’ve created a special migration program for current AD-X customers, which includes a dedicated account manager

AppsFlyer and Criteo will assist any existing AD-X customers through an easy migration to the AppsFlyer platform. AppsFlyer has created a special migration program which includes 3 months of free tracking and the support of a dedicated account manager (more details can be found here). To get started, advertisers can contact their Criteo account manager or request a demo of AppsFlyer at http://www.appsflyer.com.