Pitango's Partners

Ittai Harel/

MindUP, Haifa’s Digital Health Incubator, is a joint venture of Medtronic, IBM, Pitango Venture Capital, Impact 1st Investments and Rambam Medical Center, in collaboration with the Israeli Innovation Authority. MindUP aspires to be the leading hub of digital health innovation in Israel. It will translate disruptive technologies and cultivate new product concepts into leading Digital Health ventures, with the goal of transforming the delivery and quality of healthcare worldwide.

MindUP focuses its investments in the areas of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Telemedicine, Cloud Computing, Wearable and Implantable Sensors, Advanced Point of Care Diagnostics, Personalized Medicine, Genomic Analysis, Hospital IT Systems, and other enabling technologies that together hold the promise of delivering high-quality and cost effective distributed medicine to billions of people. Each of the incubator’s partners is a leader in its field and together they form a powerful multi-disciplinary support platform that will provide incubated companies with access to knowledge, experience, technology and a network of impactful connections.

MindUP is continuously looking for outstanding entrepreneurs and promising early-stage innovative projects to add to our growing digital health community, while offering them 360° support in order to fulfill their vision.

MindUP’s multi-faceted support enables our entrepreneurs to create companies with a clear competitive edge and expedited time-to-market.